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Your source about what's new in cosmetic surgery, skin rejuvenation, and total wellness. Published by Lawrence M. Korpeck, M.D., board certified plastic surgeon.

In this issue of Rejuvenate! ...cosmetic surgery laser surgery plastic surgery

* This issue of Rejuvenate features an update on the use of Peels from Christie -

TCA PEELS  (trichloroacetic acid)

While being one of the most common chemical peels performed today, TCA peels come in many strengths with various benefits. The following will give you a clearer picture of the differences between them.

Creating overall clarity, smoothness and reducing fine wrinkles are amongst the many changes TCA peels can achieve. Although they are considered medium depth peels, they do have a small amount of recovery time. The strength of the peel will be the determining factor of the down time associated with this procedure, which can last anywhere from 1- 10 days. Minimal to little discomfort is felt during the procedure, but once again relative to the strength used.

20-35% TCA Peels  are considered true medium depth peels. They will give the best result with sometimes up to 10 days of downtime. Superficial discoloration, sun damage and blotchiness all resolve nicely with these formulas.

10-20% TCA Peels ( ULTRA PEELS)  are a mild, skin friendly version of the TCA peel family.  Various skin conditions such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and sun damage are all treated with these formulas. A variety of other ingredients such as tyrosinase inhibitors (lightening agents) and retinol are added to these formulas for a customized treatment peel.

6-10% TCA Peels ( SENSI PEELS) are an excellent approach to mild chemical peeling for the most sensitive skins. Individuals with rosacea, hyper-sensitive skin and environmentally challenged skin are great candidates for these peels, all with no down time.

65% Blended TCA Peels (SMOOTHING BODY PEEL) is a 45/10/10 % blend of lactic acid, TCA, and salicylic acids that combine together forming the most ultimate peel for the body. Sun damage on the chest , neck, arms and hands can be improved greatly when using this peel. Acne that occurs on the back, chest and shoulders is also a concern for many in which this peel can address with multiple visits.

In conclusion, when superficial discoloration, sundamage, blotchiness and melasma are of concern, TCA Peels are one of the best options available. They provide a "middle of the road” improvement with little to no down time, as well as a minimal cost.

Please contact either Christie thru email at, on her website or call the office for a complimentary consultation at (561) 416-1272.

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